The Incomparable Craftsman Within recent memory Leonid Afremov

The extraordinary craftsman Leonid Afremov was brought into the world in Vitebsk. Also, it isn’t is business as usual that Marc Chagall turned into his deity. Crafted by this specific craftsman propelled Leonid for his brilliant artistic creations. He additionally enjoyed crafted by Picasso and Dali. Leonid started painting while still a student and, surprisingly, took part in school presentations. He began selling his canvases early and understood that this was a really productive business.

The whole Leonid’s life was devoted to craftsmanship. In the wake of moving on from craftsmanship school, he started functioning as a planner at a brewery and afterward as a phase creator at a theater. After the Chernobyl fiasco, Leonid and his family – he was hitched to Inness Kagan and their most memorable child Dmitry was conceived a year after their marriage, after eight years Boris was conceived – chose to leave his local Vitebsk. The advancement of the arrangement of the Soviet state permitted them to move to Leonid’s verifiable country – to Israel.

At the new spot of home Leonid kept on making works of art and coordinated shows

His most memorable show was tiny and included just 20 canvases. New life went to be not as particularly simple as it appeared – in some cases he was unable to stand to purchase even brushes and paints. Following 2 years, the things went better, basically because of the offer of canvases. Simultaneously, the craftsman started to dominate his own strategy – he utilized a range blade to make his canvases. The majority of his works were made utilizing this specific apparatus. Therefore, Leonid amassed an adequate number of compositions to open his own exhibition – this occurred in 1995.

Song OF THE Evening Range Blade Oil Painting on Material by Leonid Afremovby Leonid Afremov

What’s more, presently we should investigate Leonid’s works. In his assortment you can track down artworks of practically any type – representations, scenes, still life’s… We see that in every one of his works of art he attempted to use whatever number tones as would be prudent – his painting style can be legitimately called impressionism. Furthermore, obviously, the craftsman’s #1 season was harvest time – specifically in this season we find the biggest conceivable number of varieties made naturally itself. Leonid Afremov’s errand was to accentuate this magnificence. What’s more, he did it magnificently – in a considerable lot of his works of art we can find multi-hued confetti utilizing which he portrayed everything around – houses, trees, sky…

All through his life, the craftsman has visited numerous nations and he passed his impacts on through his canvases – in his specialty display we track down the works with pictures of European and American urban areas. With respect to the works of art portraying creatures, here we can take note of an overflow of representations of felines – Leonid loved these cushy animals. We likewise ought to take note of his seascapes with the picture of yachts – they are loaded up with smoothness and certainty, as well as elegant works of art with the representations of ballet performers, where we additionally track down a ton of lively varieties. There are not so many still life artistic creations in Leonid’s assortment, however they are likewise brimming with brilliant varieties.

Independently, it is quite important his artworks on melodic points – among them are the representations of incredible performers, essentially jazzmen. Leonid Afremov cherished jazz – he painted both basic performers and jazz aces. Now and again, rather than individuals, he depicted felines. So he joined two of his number one subjects.

Leonid Afremov, in the same way as other male craftsmen, had a unique expertise of depicting the excellence of a female body – in his assortment there are many works of art naked style – from the most plain to unassuming with stowed away bareness. Likewise Leonid Afremov portrayed moves – from tango to artful dance. On account of the utilization of many splendid varieties – they generally ended up being enthusiastic. We trust that you have gotten adequate data about crafted by Leonid Afremov and that you will be as propelled by his artistic creations as we are.

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